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The Why Files

Transportation Research Board

National Library of Medicine ( TOXNET )

The Transgenic/Targeted Mutation Database ( TBASE )

Social Science Research Network

Population Index on the Web

Online Dictionary of Library and Information Science

National Criminal Justice Reference Services

The NASA Astrophysics Data System

Merriam Webster Dictionary

Medline Health Information

Mathematics search


National Center for Health statistics

Federal Reserve economic research


Engineering E-journal Search Engine (EESE)

Education Line

ECONBase ( Economics )

Earthquake Engineering Abstracts

European Commission Libraries Catalogue

Department of Energy

Current Research Information System (agriculture, food...)

Computing Research Repository

Information for International agriculture Research

National Cancer Institute

Bartleby Literature Great Books

Asian Online Newspaper

American Chemical Society

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)

Agricultural and Applied Economics Scholarly Literature

Academic Search Premier


Medical Information

New York Journal of Mathematics

National Biological Infrastructure Resources

The William R. and Norma B. Harvey Library

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